Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where the stars stash their Oscars....

The most popular spot to stash an Oscar? The bathroom!

Susan Sarandon (Best Actress, Dead Man Walking, 1995): For years she kept it in the guest bathroom of her home -- along with all of her other award hardware. Now it's on tour with the Gold exhibit organized by The Museum of Natural History. Says Sarandon, "I haven’t seen it in a few years."

Robin Williams (Best Supporting Actor, Good Will Hunting, 1997): He keeps his Oscar in his home in Tiburon, California -- sandwiched between two Screen Actor Guild awards.

Timothy Hutton (Best Supporting Actor, Ordinary People, 1980): He once told USA Today his sister thought it would be a good idea to keep his Oscar in the refrigerator. "She thought that would be kind of funny to put the Oscar in the refrigerator when people would go grab a beer or something ... it's still there."

Reese Witherspoon (Best Actress, Walk the Line, 2005): After winning her Oscar, she told People magazine she considered making it into a door knocker or a necklace, "but neither one of those options was very practical. I just keep it in my living room."

Jodie Foster (Best Actress, The Accused [1988], The Silence of the Lambs [1991]): She used to keep hers in the bathroom "because they looked good with the faucets," she has said. "But when they started getting corroded on the bottom, I had to move them to a trophy case in my den."

Catherine Zeta Jones (Best Supporting Actress, Chicago, 2002): She has kept her Oscar in a hot spot. "He's in our home in Bermuda," she once told InStyle. "I figured that not many Oscars have lived there. Of course, everyone who visits wants a photograph with him."

Holly Hunter (Best Actress, The Piano, 1994): She told Oprah Winfrey earlier this year that she keeps her award at filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen's office in New York -- along with actress Frances McDormand's Oscar for her Best Actress role in Fargo. "It's all just one big happy family," Hunter said.

Cuba Gooding Jr. (Best Supporting Actor, Jerry Maguire, 1996): "We had a wine cabinet, and it sat behind the glass on one of the shelves. People would say, 'Is that it?' The cabinet was temperature controlled because of the wine, so the Oscar stayed beaming new. Now that I keep it out in the open in my screening room, it has become tarnished -- which is kind of cool. It's starting to age and get character. Like me."

Cate Blanchett (Best Supporting Actress, The Aviator, 2005): She doesn't keep her statue in one place. She once told InStyle, "It's been in the study recently. It moves around a bit like my family and I do. I don't look at it every day though. Life goes on."

Kate Winslet (Best Actress, The Reader, 2009): It's in her bathroom so guests "can sneakily have a little [hold] and put it back down again."

Tom Hanks (Best Actor, Philadelphia [1993], Forrest Gump [1994]): "Where are they now? They are on the family trophy shelf, next to the soccer trophies. I think the World's Greatest Mom trophy from Mother's Day is up there as well."

Hilary Swank (Best Actress, Boys Don’t Cry [1993], Million Dollar Baby [2004]): "They're in the family room -- on a great shelf, next to my books."

Emma Thompson (Best Actress, Howard's End, 1992): Yup, she stores her statue in the bathroom too. "They look far too outré anywhere else. They're great big, gold, shiny things. They're up there tarnishing quietly along with everything else I own, including my body."

Anna Paquin (Best Supporting Actress, The Piano, 1994): Asked where she stores her statue, she told Playboy in 1999, "In the bottom of my closet, gathering dust."

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