Monday, October 25, 2010

Six Ways To Stop Wasting Food

If you want to stop wasting food, obviously step one is eating what you put on your plate. But if you REALLY want to get serious, here are six tricks from "Country Living" on how you can make the most out of your groceries . . .

#1.) STORE COTTAGE CHEESE OR SOUR CREAM UPSIDE DOWN. It creates a vacuum that keeps bacteria from growing. Just make sure the lid's definitely on tight before you try it.

#2.) USE PAPER TOWELS TO LINE THE BOTTOM OF THE VEGETABLE DRAWER IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR. They'll absorb the extra moisture, which is what makes vegetables rot.

#3.) BEFORE YOU PUT A BLOCK OF CHEESE AWAY, SPREAD BUTTER ON THE END YOU CUT FROM. It helps seal in the moisture so you won't have to cut off a dry chunk next time.
--The only problem is, you save slices of cheese by wasting butter. And spreading butter on a block of cheese definitely won't make it any healthier.

#4.) MAKE VEGETABLES CRUNCHIER WITH A BOWL OF ICE WATER. You can make carrots, celery, or radishes crunchy again by putting them in a bowl of ice water along with a slice from a raw potato.

#5.) NEVER THROW AWAY HONEY. It doesn't go bad. So if it looks cloudy, it just means it's crystallizing. But you can turn it back into honey by running the bottle under hot water.

#6.) DON'T SEPARATE BANANAS UNTIL YOU'RE READY TO EAT THEM. They last longer if you keep them in a bunch.

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