Monday, February 21, 2011

Four Bad Things for Your Kids . . . That Are Actually Good:

Parents have to worry about a lot these days, so here's a list to help bring your stress level down: It's four major things parents worry about . . . but they don't actually need to.

#1.) Your Kids Getting Bored. At least one study has shown that boredom is actually good for kids, because it stimulates their imagination and forces them to be creative. Plus, it helps them become more patient and appreciative.

#2.) Video Games. According to separate studies done at Harvard and in Europe, video games help improve innovative thinking, creativity, and cooperation skills . . . even the violent ones. --And that's not just for boys. A recent study showed that girls who play video games are often smarter and better-behaved, and they have a stronger connection with their families.

#3.) Junk Food. Obviously, they can't eat it ALL the time. But you shouldn't keep them on a super-strict diet either. Kids who get an unhealthy treat every now and then are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. --And overweight kids are more likely to stay on a diet if they occasionally get to have something that's bad for them.

#4.) Television. It's bad for them if they only watch crap like "Skins". But kids who watch EDUCATIONAL shows are less aggressive, study more, and get better grades on reading and math tests. --So, if your kids only watch MTV, then sitting in front of the television isn't doing them any good. But if they watch the Science channel, it's okay.

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