Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dry Shampoo. Does it REALLY work???

I don't know about you, but I can never seem to get enough sleep. Between long work hours and juggling the other things in my life, most nights it feels like my head hits the pillow and as soon as I shut my eyes, it's time to get back up.

I have to wash my hair every day. I’ve got oily skin and oily hair. If I skip a day of washing my hair, it looks like someone poured a bottle of oil on my head. If it’s not bad enough that I have to wash my hair every day, I also have to blow dry and straighten it because it’s thick and wavy and a complete frizzy mess. Getting ready in the morning can take FOREVER.

So I was pretty psyched when I found TRESemm√© Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. Could this be the answer to sneaking in a little bit more sleep on those mornings I don’t really have to shower?

I have to warn you that TRESemm√© Fresh Start Dry Shampoo isn’t cheap. Mine was on sale, but still cost me almost 6 bucks. So what I did this morning was hop out of bed, grab my can of dry shampoo, spray it through my hair (just like hairspray) focusing on the roots and then let it sit while I got dressed. After I got dressed, I brushed my hair and was amazed at how much body and bounce it had. No joke-my hair went from oily to full of body in less than 2 minutes and I didn’t even have to blow dry or straighten! I could have done without the smell of the shampoo- kinda had a chemical smell to it, but it wore off after about 15 minutes.

All in all, I’m super happy with this shampoo and can totally see using it on days when I’m in a rush or when I oversleep. Here are some pics I took after using TRESemm√© Fresh Start Dry Shampoo this morning:


  1. So you didn't have to straighten it at all? I have to straighten and blow-dry mine too; so if I didn't have to do that I'd be all for this :)

    Nikki Hamilton (fb friend)

  2. Nikki- I blow dried and straightened my hair yesterday and by the end of the work day it was disgusting- felt all oily and nasty, but by the time I got home from work I was too tired to do anything but plop into bed. I woke up this morning and figured I’d give the dry shampoo a try and worst case if it didn’t work I’d just wear a hat. So literally all I did was spray the stuff all over (putting an extra layer on my roots), let it sit for about 2 minutes and brushed my hair. No blow drying or straightening. I’ve got hair that if it gets even the slightest bit of moisture on it, it starts to curl or frizz up. That didn’t happen at all with this stuff.

  3. My hair goes curly and frizzy too at the drop of any moisture as this sounds awesome :) Thanks, Traci!! I am definitely going to try it!!

  4. Glad this worked out!! :) Nikki Guyer