Thursday, May 12, 2011

Six Things Women Do to Look Hot . . . That Men Actually Hate:

Women do way more to look good for men than men do for women. But some of the stuff women do can actually be a turn-off. Here are six things women do to look hot . . . that men actually hate.

#1.) Too Much Foundation. When it's caked on it just makes you look fake. And guys assume that without makeup, your face is covered in scars and acne.

#2.) Neon Lipstick. It's becoming popular all of a sudden, and guys might eventually LEARN to like it. But so far, they don't. And they also don't like it when women wear light red or pink lipstick, then trace around the edges with a dark lip liner.

#3.) Super-Thin Eyebrows. If you have a uni-brow, obviously a little plucking is a good idea. But guys don't like it when women pluck their eyebrows until they're a millimeter thick. Or worse, until they're gone completely and you have to DRAW them on. Men tend to prefer a more natural look.

#4.) A Bump In Your Hair. Having a small bump in front is okay. But the bump Snooki used to sport was WAY too big. And it just looks silly to most guys.

#5.) Rosy Red Cheeks. Most men like make-up they don't notice. And in general, rouge is better on old ladies.

#6.) Glitter. A little bit in a few key areas can be good . . . like on your cleavage. But too much is just annoying because it tends to rub off on other people. And by the end of the night, EVERYONE'S wearing glitter.

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