Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing is more reassuring than a hug from your mom. But the sound of her voice might be just as good...

If you’re feeling stressed out – give your mom a call. The mere sound of her voice can be very comforting according to one fascinating study. A group of young girls were put in stressful situations – like asked to solve some difficult math problems – or asked to give an impromptu speech – things that would cause their heart rates to soar and their stress hormones to rise. Then, one-third of the girls got a comforting hug from their mothers. One third of the girls watched a 75 minute “emotion neutral” video and the other third of the girls were handed a telephone with their moms on the line. The children who got to interact with their mothers had virtually the same hormonal response, whether they interacted in person or over the phone. The girls' levels of oxytocin, often called the "love hormone" and strongly associated with emotional bonding, rose significantly and the stress-marking cortisol hormone was washed away. So even if mom is not nearby, a quick call for reassurance may just be the ticket – if you’re in need of a little reassurance.

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