Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ordering tomato on your hamburger not only makes it taste better - it's healthier!

Do you know why lemon is served with fish? It turns out this has been a custom since the Middle Ages. Back then people believed that the juice of the lemon would dissolve any bones that were accidentally swallowed. The custom still stands – although I don’t think anyone is buying the “lemon dissolves bones” part of it anymore. Here are some other interesting facts about the food you eat:

• Eating a tomato slice on top of your hamburger tastes good - but there is also a health reason for doing it. When a source of Vitamin C - like tomato or orange, lemon, grapefruit or strawberry is eaten with meat, the body makes better use of the iron in the meat.

• Carrots really do help your vision - at least at night. Vitamin A is known to prevent "night blindness," and carrots are loaded with Vitamin A.

• Sometimes frozen is better. The longer that fruits or vegetables sit around waiting to be sold or eaten, the more nutrients they lose. But fruits and vegetables grown for freezing are usually frozen right after they're picked. Therefore, they have less time to lose their nutrients.

• When milk is exposed to light, it loses Vitamin B very rapidly.

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