Monday, June 27, 2011

Some advice from a wise 30-something to you lucky 20-somethings:

1. Don't be afraid of making mistakes: But when you make them, own them. This means apologizing to whomever you offended/puked on/ditched/stalked/tagged in unflattering photos on Facebook.

2. Don't be afraid to incur some debt to go after your dream. To expand on this: taking out loans for grad school, putting your savings into making a movie, traveling around the country while you write that Great American novel-now's the time to do it. (Of course, running up $24,935.28 on a buffet of credit cards just to support your "artistic lifestyle" so you don't have to get a job or produce any actual work is a little more frowned upon.)

3. Stay in touch with your high school friends. The older you get, the more you'll want to stay friends with people who knew, not only the awkward, nerdy you, but where you're from.

4. Be proud of where you're from. Its part of what made you who you are today; regardless of the situation you escaped.

5. Be proud of who you're from regardless of the situation you escaped.

6. Siblings can be troubling at times, but if you're lucky, they will be there your entire life. Treasure them.

7. A word about eye cream: Yes. Wear it. Every night.

8. One word about Botox: No.

9. I hate to break it to you, but as your twenties progress, the way your body handles food and alcohol changes. And by changes, I mean becomes a bastard who hoards sugar, dairy and booze in cute little saddlebags in the upper thigh and muffin top regions.

10. While I'm breaking it to you: hangovers get much, much worse as you get closer to 30. Brace yo'self.

11. Go to your high school reunion. Blah blah, you hated those losers/that town/your ceramics teacher/that time of your life. And you are much more fabulous now. Right? Great. Now go show it off.

12. You’re going to be attending a lot of weddings in your 20s. A LOT. A few tips of the trade: a. Eat before you go (the food is usually terrible and/or hours away). b. Do not ask ANYONE you have been dating for less than 3 months to be your date for a wedding more than 3 months away. ESPECIALLY a destination wedding. Recipe for disaster. c. If you are in the wedding, do NOT hook up with any groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner/shower/bachelor(ette) weekend. d. As a bridesmaid, you will be forced at one point to wear a watermelon-colored potato sack as a dress. Grin and bear it gracefully.

13. Accept that your 20s is the time when your friends (and of course, you) are going to be changing at warp speed. Some will get married, some will have babies, some will move away, some will succeed in their jobs, some will fail, and some will get really, really famous. Be happy for everyone (or sympathetic if things go poorly). But, be supportive –- your time is coming and one day you'll need that support too.

14. That being said, know that sometimes the changes will be too much for certain friendships to survive. And this just happens. People drift/splinter apart and that's just life.

15. Don't be afraid to clean out the friendship closet yourself, either. If you find yourself dreading hanging out with certain people, or feel small/ashamed around them, or not good enough, then end it. End the friendship. No one needs that, especially not a fabulous 20 something like yourself.

16. Date everyone.

17. To clarify #16, date everyone within reason. This is the time to meet/date/make out with a bunch of different people. The world is completely open to you and the choices are limitless. Try to date people who are different from your normal "type."

18. Speaking of "types," get over having one. Your type is human. Date them.

19.This one is tricky: in relationships, be open to everything, but don't throw everything into the other person's boat too soon. Keep one foot on the dock.

20. Oh, what am I talking about? You're a 20-something. It's impossible to not set sail.

21. Just remember where your harbor is.

22. If someone you're dating makes you feel ashamed to be yourself, dump them immediately. ]

23. Believe in true love. It exists. It just takes a lot of searching to find it.

24. Don't settle for anything (or anyone) less.

25. Don't be afraid of getting older and leaving your twenties behind. One day, on the eve of your 30th birthday, you'll look back at the crazy, horrifying, giddy, exciting, sprawling mess that was your twenties and smile. You'll smile because of all you've learned, how far you've come and the fact that life is still exciting. Maybe even a little more exciting than before. Because you've got your wild, exuberant, sparkling thirties in front of you.

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