Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Four Common Health Myths People Still Believe:

Okay, you're probably seen a bunch of these, but The Oprah Magazine "O" has a list of health myths you shouldn't believe. And there are a couple you might not know about.

Myth #1.) Hand Dryers in Public Bathrooms Are More Sanitary Than Paper Towels. It makes sense, because you can dry your hands without touching anything. But it's a myth, because a study found that jet dryers make your hands dirtier because of bacteria INSIDE the machine. And they make the entire bathroom dirtier too, because the air can blow germs more than six feet.

Myth #2.) Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Hurt Your Eyes. You probably know this one's not true. But what you might NOT know is that it USED to be true . . . kind of. When TVs started getting popular in the 1950's, they gave off 100,000 times more radiation than modern TVs do. So sitting too close to the television WAS bad for your health. But not specifically for your eyes.

Myth #3.) Warm Milk Will Help You Sleep. It could in theory, because it has tryptophan, the same stuff that's in turkey, and every other meat. But milk only has trace amounts of it, and eggs and cheese even have more. Still, you'd have to eat about seven egg-and-cheese sandwiches before you'd start feeling tired. So if warm milk DOES help you sleep, it's only because of the placebo effect.

Myth #4.) Hydrogen Peroxide Is Good for Cleaning Cuts. If your mom used it when you were a kid, you probably hated it because it stung. And it turns out you didn't need to go through all that pain. Because according to a study in "The Journal of Trauma", hydrogen peroxide slows down the healing process, because it inhibits the growth of new tissue. Instead, you're supposed to wash cuts with soap and water, then use an antibiotic like Neosporin.

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