Friday, July 9, 2010

You are what you eat....

Did you know that what you typically put on your plate speaks volumes about your personality? Discover what your choices mean by completing this quiz and find out more about you:

Your typical breakfast is:

A. Hot cereal with blueberries.
B. An English muffin.
C. Eggs and toast.

Your favorite sauce over pasta is:

A. Garlic and olive oil.
B. Alfredo.
C. Marinara.

You eat most of your food:

A. At lunchtime.
B. At night.
C. By munching throughout the day.

When you're nervous, you tend to eat:

A. Nuts, chips or fruit.
B. Candy, cake or cookies.
C. Ice Cream.


Mostly "a" - You're a practical person who opts for good nutrition that tastes delicious, too. You're also quite confident in the kitchen your favorite room in the house where you prepare innovative recipes for family and friends.

Mostly "b" - You're so energetic and open to new things that your food choices are an eclectic mix. You're more concerned with enjoying yourself than worrying about consequences. You figure pleasing your palate is worth some extra exercise.

Mostly "c" - You're wise enough to eat nutritious foods while feeling no guilt over an occasional indulgence. Being so conscious of what it takes to stay healthy makes you a happy person who's less likely to ever become overweight.

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