Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The following list is from Dr. Schwontkowski's book "Partners for Life -- 50 Ways to Keep Your Love Honeymoon Fresh Forever."

Plan and serve foods and beverages your lover likes. There are several ways to a man's heart, the stomach is one of them. The same holds true for women, and savvy guys and gals will take advantage by taking the time to prepare those favorite snacks, meals and refreshments as a token of their love.

Don't be stingy with sex. And try to select love locations that your partner likes or finds adventurous and exciting. You don't always have to "go to bed."

Talk with your lover, and prepare yourself in advance for conversation that lasts awhile. If you have trouble starting a conversation, rely on topics that everyone is interested in and knows a little something about: Food, fond memories and friendly gossip come to mind.

Compliment your lover honestly, lavishly and often, both when you are alone and with other people. Whenever your lover does something that you appreciate, say so. Make sure you find something to praise every day, even if it's just "Thanks for putting the cap back on the toothpaste, dear," or "My don't you look good in that sweater."

Touch your lover's "oohhh baby" spots -- even when you're in public. Be discreet, but send a strong signal that you can't keep your mind -- or hands -- off your sweetie. Don't think you have to be a centerfold to use this strategy -- you don't.

Give your lover a stress-busting massage every day. With practice you can go head to toe in five minutes, bonding all the way.

Have you written any love letters lately? If so, keep it up. If not start now -- and don't stop.

Say, "I love you," at least twice a day and even more when you can squeeze the words in. Everyone needs to feel loved and needed. Enough said.

Regularly set aside time to romance your lover for hours on end. Not to guys: If you're a "two-minute man" and don't know how to maintain for hours, there are plenty of excellent how-to books and manuals. This doesn't include regular morning or late-afternoon walks together, which are highly recommended for your health and for bonding as a couple.

Make your lover laugh every day. Practical jokes dished out in the spirit of fun can work wonders for a relationship. Or you can get up a few minutes early and find the best comic strip in the newspaper you can share.

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