Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Beauty Wives Tales to Ignore!

1. Eating Chocolate and Greasy Foods Makes You Break out. Sorry, unless you actually rub the pizza on your face this probably won't happen. DR. DIANE BERSON admits there are a few foods that can increase the risk of blemishes --the levels of iodine in sushi, shellfish and soy sauce have been known to cause inflammation and clog pores.

2. Dry Skin Causes Wrinkles. Moisturizer won't solve all your aging issues. Collagen breaks down far below the surface of the skin, but keeping your complexion soft will relieve the look of fine lines. If you're serious about caring for your precious looks the best thing to do is grab your sunscreen, preferably one that contains vitamin C.

3. Cold Water Will Shrink Your Pores. This is thanks to genetics, not H20. One tip you can follow is to keep those pores clean --they look bigger when they're clogged with oil and dead skin and any product with salicylic acid will wash them right out.

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