Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday Night and I feel Alright

(That song has been stuck in my head since Friday night- hate when that happens!)

Went out Friday night with some friends for Tapas at Culturas (a restaurant inside El Serrano Restaurant). It was wonderful to hang out with friends and share some really good food!

On Saturday we celebrated my father in law's 77th birthday. Two years ago this month, we sat in a hospital in Reading and were told that Father (that's what I call him) was dying. Thankfully he wasn't plagued with the cancer the doctors told us he was and he's still here today.

Here's Father with me, my sister in law Linda, sister in law Debbie and mom in law Mary Ellen:

Father with the sisters and me:

Me with my sisters in law:

Me with my sisters and mother in law:

Giving Father his 77th birthday cake:

I'm sitting here now watching the Oscars. Opening scene with Hugh Jackman was pretty cool. Who knew Anne Hathaway has such a great singing voice? Did you see Angelina on the red carpet? She looks preggo again. How long do you think it'll be before we're told that she really is? Right now Jen Aniston is on stage presenting. Wonder how weird it feels for her to be on stage right in front of her ex husband (Brad's smack dab in the front row). She's so beautiful. Much more so than Angie, I think. Speaking of Angie, I watched some of Changeling with my sisters in law yesterday. GREAT movie! I was bummed we had to leave before I could finish watching it.

DMB is coming!!!! Just saw a commercial that had Dave in it and I did a google search to see if the dates for their tour had been released. They're playing Hershey on 7/24, but tix don't go on sale until 3/13. I have to memory bank that....have never been to a DMB concert which is pretty pathetic since they're one of my favorite bands.

It's 9pm and I'm pooped. There's no way I'm gonna make it through all of the Oscars....

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