Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here are Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About 9/11:

#1.)  20 people were pulled out alive from the rubble of the World Trade Center.  That included two policemen who were buried for close to 21 hours, and a woman from the 64th floor of one tower who was buried for 27 hours.

#2.)  The British lost the second highest number of people.  More than EIGHTY nationalities lost at least one life that day.  372 non-Americans were murdered, including 67 Brits.

#3.)  The fire lasted for 99 days.  The World Trade Center fire wasn't extinguished completely until December 19th . . . a full 99 days after the attacks.

#4.)  A third skyscraper fell.  A 47-story building, World Trade Center Building 7, ALSO fell . . . late in the afternoon on 9/11.  It wasn't hit by a plane . . . the fires and collapse of the other towers made it fall.

#5.)  One company lost two-thirds of its employees.  A financial services firm called Cantor Fitzgerald saw 658 of its 960 employees die on 9/11.  Ten years later, the firm has donated more than $180 MILLION to those employees' families.

#6.)  The steel from the WTC was sold.  About 185,101 tons of steel were left in the aftermath of the World Trade Center.  Much of it has been sold to China and India . . . the rest has been used for memorials.

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