Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Common Nutrition Mistakes Parents Make:

Most kids are back to school, so here's a list to help make sure they head back healthy. You've probably heard one or two of these before, but here are three common nutrition mistakes that some parents make every day.

#1.) Too Many High-Calorie Drinks. One can of Coke has 155 calories. And if a young child has two, that's almost one fourth of the calories they're supposed to have in a whole day. And juice isn't much better. The three drinks you SHOULD give your kids on a regular basis are water, milk, and unsweetened tea.

#2.) Letting Your Kids Eat Snacks Instead of Meals. Some parents let their kids snack all day . . . then wonder why they're not hungry at dinner Snacks that are high in fiber are good . . . like fruit, carrots, and nuts . . . because they give kids a boost of energy, without all the empty calories. The problem is, most of the snacks they sell in the chip aisle are FULL of empty calories.

#3.) Portion Sizes. If you've ever read a food label, you know that the standard for adults is 2,000 calories a day. As you'd expect, small kids don't need that many. But some teenagers actually need MORE. Preschoolers need about 1,000 calories a day. Elementary school kids need 1,400. And high schoolers need between 1,600 and 2,500, depending on how active they are.

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