Thursday, August 25, 2011

Four Signs You're in at Least Decent Health:

The other day I gave you a list from Dr. Oz of "Three Weird Ways Your Body Can Tell You Something's Wrong." Now, here's something to put your mind at ease: It's a list of four signs you're in relatively GOOD health.

#1.)When You Empty Your Bladder, It's Fairly Clear. It should be a pale yellow color, and you should be using the bathroom a few times a day. It's a sign that you're properly hydrated, and your kidneys are healthy. If it's cloudy, dark, or BRIGHT yellow, it's a sign you're dehydrated. And if it's clear, it means you're TOO hydrated, which isn't a big deal. But when you are, your body doesn't absorb enough salts and electrolytes.

#2.) Your Cuts Heal Fairly Quickly. It means your blood is clotting normally, your white blood cells are carrying away bacteria like they should, and your blood vessels are healthy. If you bruise easily or it takes weeks for a cut to heal, it could be a sign of liver disease, a bone marrow disorder, or hemophilia which is when your blood doesn't clot right. But don't freak out. Bruising easily can also be caused by medication, or just the fact that you're getting older. Because as you age, the smallest type of blood vessels in your body . . . your capillaries . . . become more prone to rupture. And your skin also gets thinner, which doesn't help.

#3.) Healthy Hair and Nails. When you have a vitamin deficiency, your hair and fingernails are usually where it shows up first. For example, if your nails curve UP, it means you might not be getting enough iron or zinc. And if they curve DOWN, you might not be getting enough B-12. If it's a SERIOUS vitamin deficiency, it can also make your hair start falling out in clumps. But if your hair is just frizzy, or you have split ends, don't worry.

#4.) You Sleep Through the Night. A lot of people don't get the recommended seven hours every night. But as long as you sleep SOUNDLY and don't wake up sweating or needing to use the bathroom twice a night, you're probably fine. If you regularly sleep through the night, it means you're most likely hitting all the stages of sleep you need to in order to stay healthy. And OCCASIONAL insomnia is considered normal. The one thing you DO still have to worry about is snoring, because it could be a sign of sleep apnea, which prevents your blood from getting enough oxygen. If you get enough sleep, you SHOULD wake up feeling somewhat refreshed. But people with sleep apnea wake up feeling exhausted every morning.

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