Monday, July 11, 2011

The Top Five Things That Annoy Your Boss:

I know it's Monday, so your enthusiasm for making Employee of the Month probably isn't as strong as usual. But if you're trying to get in good with your boss, "Cosmopolitan" magazine has a list of the top five things that annoy employers. And they're all things that actual bosses complained about to "Cosmo".

#1.) Constant Use of the Word "Like." It can prevent you from GETTING a job, and apparently it has the potential to get you FIRED too. But at the very least, it makes you look dumb.

#2.) Texting Them Outside of Work. Even if it's work-related, it's usually not appropriate to text your boss unless it's urgent, and you don't have access to email. On the other hand, if they text YOU about something work-related, you should definitely reply.

#3.) Chatting Online. As you'd expect, they hate this one, which is why a lot of companies block websites like Facebook. And if you're instant messaging or chatting on Facebook all the time, you boss will eventually notice.

#4.) Asking Questions You Could Easily Answer Online. If you might be able to find the answer online, at least look for it before you ask your boss. Because when they Google it and find the answer immediately, you'll feel like a moron.

#5.) Not Proofreading Emails. Typos can make you look really dumb, and everyone makes them . . . even geniuses. So make sure you proofread anything you send your boss, or a client.

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