Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holy bacon price hike, Batman!

Bacon prices hit $4.77 a pound in May and rumor has it, it could reach near $6 a pound in the next few months. Why the price increase? Corn is pricey - it hit a record high in June - which means smaller herds and fewer mouths to feed. So what can you to right now to make sure you don’t run out of bacon when the price spikes?

•Freeze it. I normally do this with bacon anyway, storing several individual servings in a freezer bag. Then it's handy for breakfast or as a key ingredient in my favorite recipe for made-from-scratch baked beans.

•Buy the low-cost "bacon ends and pieces." packages. They won't have uniform thickness, but you can adjust cooking time.

•Check the bulk-buying prices at the warehouse stores.

•Eat less of it. Really, it's not good for you.

•Use Bacon Salt as a substitute, Mr. Baconpants blogger Jason Mosley (who is amazingly thin in his blog photo) recommended to Perman. Might have the taste but won't have the crunch.

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