Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Four Life Lessons You Can Learn From Charlie Sheen:

Someone on Yahoo posted a list of life lessons we can all take away from the Charlie Sheen meltdown, and some of them are pretty legit. Here are the top four.

Lesson #1 The Things You Do Outside of Work Can Derail Your Career. Obviously you can't show up for work drunk . . . which Charlie claims he never did. But what he DID do was badmouth his boss in public. So make sure you know who's reading your Tweets before you go complaining about your job on Twitter. Your boss might be reading them without you realizing it.

Lesson #2 No One Is 100% Secure in Their Job. If you make a big enough mistake, it doesn't matter how much money you've made for your company. Even the star of America's favorite sitcom got fired.

Lesson #3 Learn to Keep Your Emotions in Check. It's okay to be emotional, but if you make DECISIONS based on your emotions, you'll end up making BAD decisions . . . like going on the radio and saying you're gonna sue all your bosses.

Lesson #4 Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes. If you DO make a mistake, accept responsibility and make sure your apology sounds sincere. So in other words, don't say what Charlie Sheen said a few days after he made fun of his boss Chuck Lorre. He said, quote, "I'm sorry if I offended you. Didn't know you were so sensitive."

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