Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Myths About Living Longer That Have Just Been Debunked:

There's a new book out called "The Longevity Project", about a 90-year-long study on what makes people live longer, healthier lives. And some of the results are pretty surprising. According to the study, here are five things people THINK make them live longer . . . but don't.

Myth #1.) Stay Optimistic. In the study, kids who were described as "extraordinarily cheerful and optimistic" were LESS likely to live to an old age. --But being cynical and pessimistic wasn't good either. The people who lived the longest were the ones who felt satisfied with life, but also had enough drive to accomplish things.

Myth #2.) Gardening and Walking Aren't Enough to Keep You Healthy. According to government guidelines, you're supposed to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least four times a week. --But that doesn't mean you have to go jogging. The study found that middle-aged people were more likely to live a long life if they stayed active doing something they ENJOYED. And walking or gardening for 30 minutes was enough. -Jogging and going to the gym works too, but most people don't stick with it as they get older.

Myth #3.) Being Too Serious Is Bad for You. In the study, people who were carefree about life in general didn't live as long, because they didn't do as many things to protect their health. And they also engaged in riskier activities. --The people who lived the longest were responsible, persistent, detail-oriented, well-organized, and sometimes obsessive.

Myth #4.) Working Long Hours at the Office Is Killing You. Constant stress isn't good for your health. But apparently, being promoted IS. The subjects in the study who experienced the most career success also lived the longest. --And the ones who moved from job to job without gaining more responsibility were more likely to die young.

Myth #5.) Marriage Makes You Live Longer. It's only half true. The researchers found that women can live just as long if they NEVER get married, as long as they have an active social life.
--But single MEN weren't so lucky. They outlived the guys who got married MORE than once. But the guys who lived longest were the ones who stayed married to the same woman their entire lives.

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