Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's More Dangerous, Your Spouse or a Serial Killer? Showers or Baths? Dogs or Snakes? Take This Quiz and Find Out

Human beings are great at exaggerating some risks and completely ignoring others. One example: More people are afraid of flying than driving, but it would take a WEEKLY plane crash to equal the amount of deaths from car accidents every year.

--The website put together this quiz, based on insurance data, where you try to guess which of two things is more dangerous . . . and it's almost never the one that we're more afraid of. Check it out . . .

#1.) Your spouse or a serial killer? The answer is spouses, by a TON. About 2,700 people a year are killed by their spouses, versus fewer than 1,000 killed by serial killers.

#2.) Your parent or your young child? It's EASILY your parent. There's about a one in one million chance your child will kill you. But when a young child is killed, there's more than a 50-50 chance he was killed by his parent.

#3.) A dog bite or a snake bite? More people die in the U.S. every year from dog bites than snake bites . . . about 20 die from dog bites, 10 from snake bites.

--But there are a LOT more TOTAL dog bites than snake bites . . . about four million versus 45,000. Which means that even though more people die from dog bites, a snake bite is 50 times more likely to be fatal.

#4.) Being a man or being a woman? At every age, in every country, it's more dangerous to be a male. It wasn't that way 100 years ago because of childbirth deaths . . . but now that medical science is so much better, that's not a huge factor.

#5.) Showers or baths? It's baths, by a lot. Even though people slip in the shower, between drowning and electrocution, far more people die and get injured in bathtubs.

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