Monday, January 3, 2011

Six Things That Cost Way More Than They're Worth

If your New Year's resolution is to start saving money, here's a list that might help. It's six things that cost WAY more than they should . . .

#1.) Coffee at a Coffee Shop. A $3 Venti at Starbucks costs about 25 cents to make at home.

#2.) Wine at a Restaurant. On average, they charge three times what it costs at the store. And it's basically the same with beer and liquor.

#3.) Hotel Minibars. The food and drinks cost four times what you'd pay in a store.
--And ordering a movie at a hotel costs twice as much as renting one at a video store. (--Or more, depending on how much SKIN you're trying to see.)

#4.) Movie Theater Popcorn. An average bag costs 12 times more than it costs to make.

#5.) Bottled Water. It's marked up by about 4,000 percent. That's why you should spend ten to twenty dollars and buy a reusable bottle with a built-in filter. The new ones filter regular tap water WHILE you drink it.

#6.) Text Messages. Sending a single text only costs your phone company about ONE-THIRD of a cent. But some providers charge up to 20 cents per text if you go over your limit. That's a 6,000 percent mark-up.
--So if you ALWAYS go over your limit, you should think about paying a little more per month and getting an unlimited plan.

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