Monday, November 22, 2010

The "Real Simple" Guide To Avoiding Holiday Fights:

If you and your family members tend to bicker this time of year, here's a list from "Real Simple" magazine on how to avoid holiday fighting.

--If you REALLY want to avoid a fight on Thanksgiving, the best thing to do is keep quiet and just try to get through the night. But if you CAN'T, here's what to do with seven types of difficult family members . . .

#1.) The Slacker. If there's someone who never helps out in the kitchen and won't even set the table, don't yell. Instead, give them a specific task with specific instructions.� If they STILL won't help . . . THEN you can start yelling.

#2.) The Person Who Loves the Holidays WAY Too Much. If there's someone who wants everybody to wear pilgrim and Indian hats at the table . . . and they're over the age of 10 . . . you don't have to take part.

--But don't talk about how stupid it is, or you'll look like a jerk.

#3.) The Emotional Wreck. There's bound to be at least one person who's going through tough times this year. So make sure you give them a chance to vent about it BEFORE you sit down for dinner.

#4.) The Person Who Dominates Every Conversation. If you're the host, seat them next to people who won't care . . . like kids. And try to steer the conversation toward topics that other people are experts in.

#5.) The Person Who Does Everything, Then Makes You Feel Guilty. If someone insists on doing all the cooking, then complains about it, they're probably doing it to feel superior . . . which is why it's annoying.

--But the only thing you can do is offer to help. And if they won't let you, then all that turkey is guilt-free.

#6.) The Bully. If someone starts causing trouble, try to keep things light. For example, if they say something like "You got the beauty and your brother got the brains," say something like "Yeah, and obviously you got the charm."

--If you insult them point blank, it'll start a fight. But if you do it in a light-hearted, funny way, they'll shut up.

#7.) The Alcoholic. Talk to them ahead of time and let them know that if they get drunk, they'll have to leave. Then if they DO get drunk, you just have to make sure they get home safe.

--Telling them to leave might actually CAUSE a fight, but getting them out of the situation will avoid a BIGGER fight.

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