Monday, November 15, 2010

Four Secrets About The First Year of Marriage

If you recently got married, or you're thinking about it, prepare: "Brides" magazine has a list of four secrets about the first year of marriage . . .

#1.) YOUR SPOUSE WILL GAIN WEIGHT. Most people lose a few pounds for their wedding, but start gaining them back as soon as the ring's on their finger.

--And that's okay. Just don't neglect your health COMPLETELY. Studies show that people who get married and stay married live longer . . . unless they gain 50 pounds and never leave the couch.

#2.) YOU WON'T SEE YOUR FRIENDS ANYMORE. You'll still see your BEST friends, but everyone else will slowly fade away. And "Brides" magazine says to concentrate on spending time with your best friends, or you'll lose them too.

--It also helps if you each do things WITHOUT each other. If you do everything as a couple, only other couples will want to hang out with you.

#3.) YOU'LL GO TO BED ANGRY, EVEN THOUGH YOU SAID YOU NEVER WOULD. It doesn't make sense to stay up all night fighting if you have to work the next day. Just don't forget about it the next day or pretend it didn't happen.

#4.) YOU'LL HAVE TWO PAYCHECKS, BUT YOU'LL STILL BE BROKE. According to "Brides" magazine, you'll save on rent, but make up for it by spending money on setting up your new place. And if you have kids, you'll have to spend a lot more.

--But it's worth noting that the website did a study in New York and found that married couples spent less on just about everything, including groceries, clothing, and entertainment. And they spent almost HALF as much eating out.

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