Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five Secrets You Should Never Keep

Everyone has a little something to hide --but some things are so serious they absolutely must be shared with your significant other. The love gurus over at redbook magazine discovered a handful of secrets that you should never keep to yourself!

1. You've Got Money Issues. Remember the golden rule of communication --often couples don't realize the other is getting in deeply in debt because they simply don't talk.

2. There's a Chance Your Relationship Is In Trouble. JENNINE ESTES --a marriage and family therapist --suggests bringing up "scary feelings" like boredom or resentment before any real damage is done. Speak up quickly --even if it hurts.

3. You're Unhappy in Bed. "Faking it" may be an easy way out, but it's just not fair. Chances are the man in your life will be supportive --and will do almost anything to please you.

4. Something's Up With Your Health. Your well-being affects your entire family --open up and you could be surprised how the team will rally around you.

5. You've Had a Traumatic Past. People hold onto their secrets due to our good friend fear. Too bad hiding information can create distance in your relationship --open up, expose the scars and you'll probably see some major benefits.

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