Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 things your body does that science can't explain...

From, here they are:

Yawning - it doesn't actually seem to serve any purpose. And it's strangely contagious.

Adolescence - Some believe teenagers were awkward balls of nerves and nose grease as early as the Homo erectus era over a million years ago, while others think it's a much more recent development.

Placebo Effect - A guy says he's feeling nauseous, you give him a sugar pill and tell him it'll cure it. He stops worrying about his stomach, thus the stomach calms down.

Dreaming - We really know very little about what causes them or what purpose they serve (Even though human beings are obsessed with dissecting and interpreting dreams).

Blushing - Some scientists, noting that women blush more than guys, have suggested that blushing developed specifically so they could prove they were honest and submissive towards men.

Pubic Hair - You're on your own on this one!

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